Write for USNews.today

The goal of USNews.today is to be a leader in independent journalism by allowing just about anyone to become a Citizen Journalist on our platform. As a writer, you can share news content with others, write about the topics you enjoy and even make a bit of money in the process thanks to our revenue share system. The USNews.today is still in development and features are still being developed. If you feel this is something you would like to take part in, please read the requirements and guidelines below.

Individual Requirements

You must meet all of the requirements below in order to write for USNews.today,

  • You MUST be a US Resident to write for USNews.today. 
  • You MUST be 18 years or older unless a release is signed by a parent.
  • You must acknowledge that as a Citizen Journalist, you are not an employee of USNews.today
  • You must have access to a Computer/Tablet/Mobile Phone to post content
  • You must be able to receive payments via PayPal (Other options coming soon)

Content Guidelines

All content posted to USNews.today is reviewed prior to being posted on the website and content will be rejected or the percentage of revenue may be reduced for the article if the following guidelines are not followed.

  • The content should be free of spelling errors
  • The content may not be plagiarized or otherwise copied from another news source. If you want to write a story about something being reported by another news website, you must re-write the content in your own words. If a user is found to be engaging in this behavior, they may be expelled from the platform.
  • You should source your content by providing links either within your post or in the footer of your posts
  • You must include a header image for your post
  • You must follow the formatting guideline below
    • Normal Text
      • Text Color : Black
      • Bold used for emphasis  
      • Quotes must contain attributions to the source  
    • Sub Headers within posts must use "Heading 3" (initial header with the name of the article will automatically be inserted)
    • Topic - You must select a category and sub category for your post to be published. 
      • Category - This is parent section of the website thar your content best fits. For example, select "Technology" if your content deals with Mobile Phones or Video Games. Select "Unknown" if you do not see a category that fits and a editor will create it.
      • Sub Category - This is a more refined category for your content that is a parent of the Category you selected above. For example select "Video Games" if your content deals with Video Games and you selected "Technology" as your Category. Select "Unknown" under both the main category and sub category if you do not see a sub category  that fits and a editor will create it.
    • Tags - Your post should include relatable tags 
    • Opinions - We ask that writers limit content primarily to news impacting areas of the United States. If you have an optinion piece, please ensure your post title starts with "Opinion : "
    • Duplicate Content - Do not post duplicate content however you may create an article if you have a counterpoint to a specific article posted by another person.
  • You must not include any of the following
    • Pornography or Nudity - If covering a story regarding any of these topics, you must blur out any sex organ or sex act.
    • Overly Sexual Content - Content must portray the news without being overly sexual. If you are covering a topic that must include this sort of content such as a confirmed affair, you must keep the content "PG-13" at all times.
    • Slanderous or Liable Content - If you are writing an article regarding the actions of another person that may be unflattering or damaging to their reputation, you must properly source your material and include the evidence in the post - As an example, if a CEO of a company is arrested for a crime, you must include source material.
    • No personal attacks

Revenue Models

There are 2 revenue models that we will support

Revenue Share Fixed Price
With the revenue share, your article will generate money based on the ad revenue generated from your post. The percentage is depenant on a number of factors including the quality of the content and the number of views and will range between 50% and 70% of the revenue.  You may choose to "Sell" a article to us to remove it from the revenue share model in exchange for a one-time lump sum. This option is only available for articles that have over 1000 views - you will of course be enrolled into the Revenue Share program until you qualify for this option. If you wish to sell us an article, please contact us for a quote. The prices will range between $1 and $25.00 depending on the article. If you choose to proceed, you will loose access to edit the article and no longer be in the Revenue Share program for the specific article. 
Paid every 90 days Paid upon acceptance of quote.