Donald Trumps Leaves Final Gift For Incoming President Biden

Donald Trumps Leaves Final Gift For Incoming President Biden

The history of American presidents is steeped in tradition, many of these traditions are akin to a secret handshake between former presidents as there is a lot of secrecy involved. Over the past few years we learned about several of these traditions such as the former president leaving a handwritten note in the famous resolute desk to advise and encourage the next person to hold that desk. 

We have learned that each president often also includes a small personal gift to the incomming president to serve as a reminder of who previously sat in that chair. This started with Washington leaving his wooden teeth however we also know Richard Nixon left his famous whitehouse tapes, Jimmy Carter leaving a jar of peanut butter and Bill Clinton leaving dozens of used condoms under the desk.

Donald Trump is far from the most conventional president but it appears he decied to also follow this tradition and learned what Trump decided to leave behind.

The note :

Below is a copy of the note that Trump left for Joe Biden, it is important to note that this was handwritten using a red crayon. We corrected many of the spelling errors and removed several racial slurs.

Dear Sleepy Joe Biden,

Get bent, my presidency was perfect. We built the wall, made covfefe famous and became the global champion of impeachments. I love peaches, they are sweet and perfect, just like my phone calls. You stole my election and for that **** you. If you need me, I will be at my new vacation home at Rykers Island.

Donald Cheeto John Trump

The gift : has learned that Donald Trump has left a fresh pile of his own orange tinted shit on the desk. We heard from our sources that the pile was placed there this morning as they saw Trump squatting over the desk prior to leaving the office for the last time.