Apple Displays Misleading Error Messages to Users Who Replace Their iPhone Batteries

Apple Displays Misleading Error Messages to Users Who Replace Their iPhone Batteries.

Apple Displays Misleading Error Messages to Users Who Replace Their iPhone Batteries

It is no secret that Apple does not want its customers to open their iPhones as they would rather charge for costly reapirs in their own retail stores - often at a very high markup. Apple historically  has not been shy on their efforts to thwards both users and non-apple certified "Unauthorized" independant repair centers in the past. These efforts include using non-standard tools, limiting the supply chain of refurbished  parts, limiting new "official" parts to Apple Authorized repair centers and even implementing hardware lockout features if unauthorized repairs are performed such as TouchID. Apple may have gone overboard by displaying false and misleading battery service messages to users who have had their battery replaced by a non-Apple repair facility.

Apple Battery Service Error Code

This message is designed to mislead customers who have had their batteries replaced by an unauthorized repair center. While many people initially thought that Apple was doing this to prevent users from getting sub-par and potentially dangerous counterfeit batteries - this actually not the case as one YouTube Channel was able to demonstrate. For the record, this message will also appear if your battery is at the end of its lifespan  and indeed needs to be replaced.

Justin from the ArtOfRepair YouTube Channel performed a test in which he purchased two new iPhones from the Apple store and swapped the batteries. Immediately after doing so, he was greeted with a message saying that the iPhone Battery needs to be serviced. Clearly he was not using counterfeit parts and Justin is someone who has replaced countless batteries in the past so this would rule out user-error. In fact Justin is one of the many growing YouTube channels that show customers how to repair their devices. 

This has also been confirmed by iFixIt and Louis Rossmann of the independant repair facility The Rossmann group. Louis Rossman has been very critical of Apple's practices in the past and is very outspoken on his YouTube Channel. The Art of Repair, iFixIt and Louis are among some of the largest supporters of "Right To Repair" Legislation that has been introduced in several states. 

This misleading battery message is damaging to independent repair facilities as it seems solely designed to cause customers to doubt their ability to properly replace the battery or allows them to make accusations that the repair facility is using counterfeit parts. Some customers may be pushed to calling a repair facility a scam even though the work was done properly with genuine parts. 

Apple quietly introduced this "feature" into iOS 12.04 which is currently rolling out to users which also brings changes needed for the new Apple Credit Card. This change was not noted in any of Apple's Release Notes regarding the 12.04 update.