USNews Top 10’s : Lifehack Edition

USNews Top 10’s : Lifehack Edition

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The internet is full of tips, tricks and shortcuts in everyday life known as “Lifehacks”. Our team at has combed the depths of the internet to find some of the best Lifehacks that will make your life easier.

Lifehack 10 – Getting Tough Stains out of Children’s Clothes

Don’t you hate it when your child comes home with a massive stain on their new dress shirt? It does not matter how many times you pre-treat and wash the shirt, the stain never seems to go away. Fortunately there is a simple solution to this that is likely sitting in your freezer – a raw chicken breast!

Simply let the Chicken Breast thaw a bit and coat in an egg wash. You can then rub the chicken breast onto your children’s clothes and they will instantly be clean. To make this better, there is no need to wash the clothes after!

Lifehack 9 – Cleaning the Kitchen and Bathroom

Don’t throw away the chicken breast from Lifehack 10 away just yet before reading our next Lifehack. Many homemakers actually refer to a raw chicken breast as “Nature’s washrag” as it can also be used to clean several places in the kitchen and restroom. These places include tile, the toilet, mirrors and even counters.

Your kitchen will never look cleaner once you master this amazing Lifehack!

Lifehack 8 – See a Penny, Plant it up and in 10 Years you will be RICH

You may have heard that finding a penny on the street is good luck but what many fail to realize is that you should not immediately spend the penny. Instead consider planting the penny in a soft patch of soil and water it 9.2 times a day with exactly 4 drops of water for each year it has been planted. If you follow these steps you will eventually be rewarded with a money tree.

Whoever said money does not grow on trees

Lifehack 7 – Easy way to clean your Contact Lenses

Don’t you hate it when your contact lenses get dirty. Removing the lenses and soaking them in a cleaning solution takes way too much time and can be a royal pain if you only have one pair.

Fortunately there is a fast and easy Lifehack that will allow you to clean your contact lenses while you are still wearing them. Simply hold open your eye lids and spray 2-3 pumps of your favorite household glass cleaner. Blinking 20-30 times after each spray will help distribute the cleaner to ensure even cleaning.

Lifehack 6 – Achieve a Clean Car Every Time

Getting the perfect shine on your car does not need to be expensive or hard if you follow these tips:

  • Use Coca-Cola in place of soap and water for a perfect clean each and every time. Coca-Cola is not only more environmentally friendly but it seems to work much better.
  • Use a dirty diaper to restore your fogged up headlights by rubbing in small circular patterns. This works better if you feed the child peas the night before.
  • Use a Brillo pad or steel wool to remove any tough stains on your paint. You may also use steel wool to polish your paint to a shine
  • Loan your car to your child for them to total on the interstate. This will allow you to upgrade to a new car and possibly claim a life insurance payout.

With a little hard work, you too can have a showroom quality car.

Lifehack 5 – Get FREE Babysitting

Did you know that there are several free babysitting services out there that very few parents take advantage of?

Young Child Looks Lost At A Mall

Here is just a small sampling of the many free services out there:

  • Church – Simply enroll your children in a Church or Sunday School and you will get 2-5 hours a week of quiet time at home.
  • Lost Child Services – Did you know that several stores and malls will look after childern who appear lost for a few hours while they track down the parents. Simply “loose” your children and find them when you are ready to pick them up. There is no fee for this service and you do not even need to buy anything at the store.

Lifehack 4 – Get a FREE Lunch at the office

Many experts say that it is often cheaper for office members to bring their own lunch to work every day as the cost of purchasing lunches can really add up quickly. The problem with bringing a lunch is that you are forced to eat the same boring thing every day. What if I told you that there is a simple and effective Lifehack to allow you to get a free lunch every day?

This Lifehack does require you to have careless co-workers who leave their computers unlocked while stepping away. Simply sneak up to their computers and open their scheduling application. From there, just send yourself a few calendar invites for lunch – make sure to add a note saying that they are┬ápaying so there is no confusion. It is best to schedule these lunch meetings a few fays in advanced so the victim has time to forget that they made arrangements.

Pro Tip : Set the location to the restaurant of your choice when scheduling the event to maximize your potential sushi/taco intake.

Lifehack 3 – Double or Triple Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

Did you know that you can double or even triple your mobile phone battery life with one simple Lifehack – put the phone down and go outside!

Lifehack 2 – A Babysitter of the Night

Have you ever had the need for a last minute babysitter but all of your normal babysitters are either out of town or refusing to take phone calls from you? If you have read our earlier tip on how to get free babysitting services but still want to pay for a professional, there is a simple Lifehack you should know. The solution is as simple as a simple drive to your local red-light district to pick up a classy prostitute.

Many of these Babysitters of the night specialize in working by the hour to entertain for reasonable rates. Many of these workers also offer a-la-carte options for an additional fee which may include options such as getting the little guys to sleep and helping with home-work. We DO NOT advise asking them to include the “story time” add-on as this may require therapy in the future.

Lifehack 1 – Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online

First, make sure that you are reading from a reputable news site and not from an elaborate April Fools Day Prank. All of the tips on this site and many other Lifehack sites are not only stupid but simply dangerous.


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