BREAKING : Saturday Night Live to Lay Off 80% of all Writers

BREAKING : Saturday Night Live to Lay Off 80% of all Writers

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New York, New York – We have learned that the wildly popular television show, Saturday Night Live is expected to lay off most of their comedy writers and a small portion of their political acting staff on April First. This includes all of the writers and actors who work on their infamous White House Press Briefing skits.

We have reached out to a senior VP of programming for Saturday Night Live who confirmed the news. We then probed to find out the reason for the mass lay-off and were told “They are simply not needed anymore, the jokes are just writing themselves. We also do not need the actors anymore as we can save money by simply re-airing the actual footage from the White House press briefings”. She continues “we ran a small pilot last week in which we aired an actual clip taken from the White House while people thought they were one of our skits and our test advance could not tell the difference”


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