Askaban to be converted into a Private Prison

Askaban to be converted into a Private Prison

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Hogwarts, UK – Lawmakers have been spending a lot of time trying to find a solution to our growing prison population while at the same time keeping costs down to taxpayers. In a move that will open space for an additional 50,000 inmates, Azkaban will be converted to a private prison.

Azkaban will undergo several upgrades to modernize the prison complex to provide a safe place to keep all of the prisoners. Upon entry into Azkaban, prisoners will undergo a revolutionary new process to sort inmates by threat level using specially designed sorting hat. The type of confinement will vary based on the outcome of the persons heart.

Low risk inmates will be housed in a magic free dormitory and given a limited set of freedoms. High risk and dangerous inmates will be assigned 2 special dedicated guards known as captain dementors.

The Hogwarts Director of Muggle Corrections, Bart Lockemup said the following in a statement to Staff – “We cannot wait to begin accepting new inmates in late 2018”.


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