Escaping a Stuck Escalator

Escaping a Stuck Escalator

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Birmingham, Al – Like most Americans, you are likely to take a ride on an escalator as part of your daily commute. They are commonplace on Subways and in Malls. What if you are like one of the hundred or so Americans who find themselves stuck on one of these moving staircases, would you know what to do? teamed up with an expert in public transportation safety – Don Itsobvious to bring you several tips to survive being trapped on a stuck escalator until crews can either restore function or send a rescue team to extract you.

If you find yourself on a stuck escalator, the first thing you should do is STAY CALM. Hold still for at least a few minutes to see if the escalator restarts by itself. Most escalators have safety cutouts that automatically stop if they sense danger, once the condition has cleared the escalator will automatically restart.

If it has been more than a few minutes and the escalator has not restarted, it is safe to assume that there was a major malfunction. Experts advise riders to STAY SLIGHTLY LESS CALM. If the escalator is stuck between floors try to move down to the floor below you. If the doors are stuck do not try to force the door open in your dreams. DO NOT JUMP OVER ANY HANDRAIL TO ESCAPE.

Depending on several factors, oxygen masks may drop from overhead compartments, it is important to secure your own mask before helping others – oxygen is flowing even if the bag does not inflate.

If you are unable to leave the escalator and have been trapped for more than 3 hours, you may need to shelter in place while rescue crews are dispatched to the location. If you need to shelter in place, move to the nearest heavy piece of furniture such as a heavy desk or toilet bowl and crawl underneath it. You may venture out for a maximum of 15 minutes every 3 hours to scavenge for supplies such as firewood and wild tacos. You may also draw a face on a soccer ball if you are in need of company.

You will know when the rescue team arrives by listening for laughter. When the help arrives, you should follow their instructions which may involve wearing a special safety harness known as a “straight jacket” so the rescue crews can carry you to safety.


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