USNews Exclusive : Trump Signs Deal With Major Network for New Reality Show

USNews Exclusive : Trump Signs Deal With Major Network for New Reality Show

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With all of the talk of Barack Obama taking on golf after leaving the White House, many have been wondering what the current Cheeto in Chief will do when he leaves office in 2020, if not sooner. Some speculate prison while others think he will return to Trump Tower and continue in business. Thanks to some digging by our researchers, we have learned that Donald J Trump will be taking back the reigns on his wildly popular reality TV Show, The Apprentice.

Mr Trump will make several major changes to the classic TV Show with a new spin-off known as “Solar Apprentice”. This modern reboot of the show will take place on the sun and feature 16 potential candidates interviewing for the same job. At the end of the season, only one candidate will be selected and the others will hear the dreaded “You’re Fried” line.

Donald Trump was originally concerned that a show taking place on the sun could result in issues however in discussion with current EPA Chief, Scott Pruitt, he formed a plan to film the show only at night.

We are also learning that several of the candidates on the show will be celebrities. On the roster are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kim Kartrashian, Gilbert Gotfried, Fran Dresha, and others. We are also being told that the show will be partially funded by Burning Sanders.


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