House GOP Members Launch An Unprecedented Plan to Replace Daylight Savings Time

House GOP Members Launch An Unprecedented Plan to Replace Daylight Savings Time

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Washington DC, Lybia – House and Senate GOP members are reportedly getting ready to launch an unprecedented plan to reduce and replace Daylight Savings Time with a new system that is nicknamed TrumpTime but formally known as The American Great Time Standard. This new standard was aimed to reduce the 300+ pages of legislation that currently exists around Daylight Savings time and reduce it to a more sensible 30 pages.

TrumpTime is expected to work like this –

Twice a year we will all need to move our clocks forward or backwards by 1 hour. These changes will take place in March and November of each even numbered calendar years. On odd calendar years, we would be expected to follow the same procedure except move our clocks by 60 minutes instead of an hour. It is really that simple.

The other 29 pages of the proposed legislation is aimed to remove high value lottery winners from these requirements and to introduce a policy requiring media personalities to stop calling Sean Spicier a taller version of Melissa McCarthy.

Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan is the driving force behind TrumpTime and to commemorate this historic change, he has commissioned a new clock that will given to all Americans.

We expect to hear more about this over the next few days before it officially comes up for vote in early April.


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