Computer Security Tips To Help You Keep Safe Online

Computer Security Tips To Help You Keep Safe Online

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Lets face it, hackers are everywhere. If you pop into your typical Starbucks, you can pretty much assume that at least 1 in every 3 and a half people are hackers. These hackers would like nothing more then to gain access to your personal data. Here are some practical tips sponsored by a top United States Cyber Security Expert.

Tip 1) Password Length

Passwords should be long enough that they foil most automated password guessing programs (via something our expert refers to as “bulch force”) and short enough that you can easily remember the passwords. Our expert says that passwords should be greater then 1 character but no more than 3 characters.

But Wait!!! Isn’t longer better? – Not exactly. Our expert explains that many so called “security professionals” advocate for longer passwords as they are likely compensating for something. The reason a shorter password is best is that most password cracking tools start at 3 characters and go up from there – allowing you to slide under the radar.

Tip 2) Invest in a Password Storage Solution

Password storage solutions are all over the place however many of then are over-complicated messes. Our security expert recommends a solution that has existed since the 1970’s that is still quite popular and very inexpensive. You simply need to buy (or steal from your companies supply room) a pack of post-it notes, write your password on the post it note and affix them neatly under your computer keyboard. You can even place more popular passwords on your computer monitor for fast retrial.

If you want to use something a bit more modern, you can simply replace the post-it notes with a free application called “Twitter” which will let you tweet out all of your passwords in its secure vault.

Tip 3) Phone In Your Passwords

Did you know that the United States Boarder Security Agency will gladly collect and store your passwords for you? This convent “Life Hack” allows you to remotely backup your passwords with a simple phone call – and best of all it is free!!!.

Tip 4) Dont Install Updates Unless….

We all hate Windows Updates, they take a long time to download and slow down your computer/internet while they are downloading. It is simply not necessary in these days of cloud computing. This same logic also extends to Anti-Virus solutions.

Did you know that Microsoft will have a “Microsoft Certified Technician” give you a housecall when they remotely detect that your computer needs to have updates installed? The best part of all is that you do not need to sign up for this service or even give Microsoft your phone number – heck you do not even need to run Windows for them to help.

Tip 5) If you feel you have been hacked

If you feel you have been hacked, take to Facebook and tell the world about it. Mark Zuckerbird will personally fly to your house and help you get your affairs back in order before giving you a million dollars. Many dont know about this unless they read the Facebook Terms of Service.


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