Live Coverage of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Live Coverage of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

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Washington DC – staff will be on site to cover the inauguration of President Elect Trump. This post is a live blog and will be updated continuously throughout the day.There is no need to refresh this page, it will automatically update as long as the browser window remains open.The live blog will appear below once it starts.

Ronald Dump January 20, 20174:25 pm has just intercepted this message between the President Elect and Future First Lady

Ronald Dump January 20, 20174:16 pm

We just got word from Trump’s media team who relayed a message from the President Elect that our estimated numbers previously posted were incorrect. Mr Trump reportedly has over 900 billion supporters attending between the the US Capital and the Moscow locations.

Ronald Dump January 20, 20174:14 pm

The crowds here are insane. There has to be over 90,000 Trump Supporters who are support the President Elect. This crowd is only superseded by the number of protesters.

Ronald Dump January 20, 20174:09 pm

We have just found out that President-Elect Trump has arrived on the floor of the US Capital Building after a short commute via a demon portal that was created to link Trump Towers to Washington DC.

Ronald Dump January 20, 20173:40 pm

We have just received BREAKING NEWS that Donald Trump will take his Oath of Office on the Art of the Deal

Ronald Dump January 20, 20172:58 pm

We are finally past the security checkpoint. It appears that the Security Team may have partnered up with Apple to use a modified version of the new HealthKit that also checks for stashed weapons and drugs. Kenny was relieved to see they were using iPhone 4s for the scanning.

Ronald Dump January 20, 20172:26 pm

After fighting through several massive crowds of protesters, we are now standing in line to be checked by the security team before being allowed into the press section.


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