Saggys Opens In Ft Lauderdale, Florida for Geriatric Customers

Saggys Opens In Ft Lauderdale, Florida for Geriatric Customers

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Ft Lauderdale, Florida – Hey kids, get off my lawn and come on down to the latest restaurant to open its doors in the beautiful city of Ft Lauderdale. Saggys has officially opened its doors this morning to employ the cities aging waitresses, many of them were previously employed at a famous owl themed restaurant chain in the past.

Saggys will be serving a wide selection of food ranging from creamed corn, Jello, lentils, toast and TV Dinners. All of these dishes are priced very reasonably and prepared by the the world famous Chef  Micro Wave. Chef Wave is also offering a Blue Plate Special deal that will include favorites such as beans and a tuna-fish casserole.

It was not all smooth sailing for this new business. Saggys was met with a lot of controversy that almost prevented the establishment from opening as many in the community called the fact that the waitresses (aged between 70 and 88) would be wearing uniforms that would leave very little to the imagination. It is worth noting that the shirts the waitresses would be wearing did come down to their waste-line. We did find it odd that most of the people who were opposed to the idea had reservations for opening night – their wives were not invited.

The owner of Saggys, John Kneeknocker is thrilled with the positive reception on opening day. In an exclusive statement to, Mr Kneeknocker said the following – “We are thrilled to be able to open our doors and employ the aging population of South Florida. We still have a lot of worth to do to make this restaurant great but I feel we got off to a great start. We learned that we will need to re-vamp our parking lot to turn all spaces into Handicap Spaces and possibly add some solid food to our menu.”

If you are ever in the Ft Lauderdale Area and wish to visit Saggys, please mention this add for a full nickel off your meal.


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